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Interview Previews

Several interviews are in production. Here are the previews.



Below is a selection of webinars from Cornell University's online courses for environmental educators, which I was honored to facilitate.

Environmental education: School-community engagement (presentations from an Expert Panel)

Dennis Mabasa (Los Angeles): Joyful and intersectional environmental education and community engagement

Ning Zhang (Shenzhen, China): Engage a community through a school garden

Running Grass (Seattle): Culturally authentic community engagement

Marcos Trinidad (Los Angeles): Investigating access, inclusion, and the changing roles of conservation organizations

Kimi Waite (Los Angeles): Advancing environmental civic action

El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg (Boston): Learning in and about local communities

Robert Markuske (NYC): Students as sustainability stakeholder and culturally-relevant EE

Frances Moore Lappé: Hope is what we become in action together



Alex portrait tie 3.jpg

Hello, I’m Alex Kudryavtsev, an environmental education researcher at Cornell University. I explore how environmental education contributes to civic engagement, sustainability, and equity.

On this website, I curate a collection of environmental education interviews. This endeavor is separate from my research and teaching at Cornell University.


If you would like to take Cornell University's online courses for environmental educators, please visit the Civic Ecology Lab.

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