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Below is a selection of webinars from Cornell University's online courses for environmental educators, which I was honored to facilitate.

Environmental education and civic engagement: Expert panel (2024)

The Nature Conservancy

Green Growth Africa

California Academy of Sciences

Billion Oyster Project

Education & Cultural Society, Bangladesh

New York Sun Works

Environmental education: School-community engagement (presentations from an Expert Panel)

Ning Zhang (Shenzhen, China): Engage a community through a school garden

Running Grass (Seattle): Culturally authentic community engagement

Dennis Mabasa (Los Angeles): Joyful and intersectional environmental education and community engagement

Kimi Waite (Los Angeles): Advancing environmental civic action

El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

Marcos Trinidad (Los Angeles): Investigating access, inclusion, and the changing roles of conservation organizations

Robert Markuske (NYC): Students as sustainability stakeholder and culturally-relevant EE

Frances Moore Lappé: Hope is what we become in action together

Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg (Boston): Learning in and about local communities

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